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One of the best things about being an adult is that you don’t have to say “yuck” to all foods other than peanut butter and jelly sammiches. If the price doesn’t turn you off, the ingredients may. yuck. The availability of certain foods will depend on the season; but no matter what season it is, there will be foods that are available. Compared to this list Haggis and black pudding are completely normal and also delicious. get over yourselves and see what you could be missing, culinary wise and culturally. Actually if you eat it, you would be surprised it tastes good. Black Pudding just tastes like a sausage with a different texture, and is not bad. 10 Gross Foods That Rich People Love to Eat. And here’s 100 different and disgusting food ideas for you to choose from. I'd rather eat it than any kind of American burgers. I bring it home, then I realized that I had no idea as to how to cook it. i don't understand how so many people can eat these things….they look so gross !! 15 Gross Foods from the 1970s We Actually Want to Try The '70s may seem far away, but the themes of social unrest and living a little more simply are in the air today. And, while some foods can be identified as gross with a simple glance, others aren’t as easily spotted until you learn about their ingredients. I’ve seen the vendors and their carts walking down the street selling balut in the Philippines, another thing they usually sell is BBQ’d chicken intestines on a stick…not bad at all in my opinion. WHY anyone would bother soaking a fish for a week, adding poisonous lye, then soaking it for another week to REMOVE the lye you used to soak it with to begin with… then adding salt so it’s more palatable and you don’t barf while you eat it… you go through ALL that work, just for some jell-o like fish that smells like rotten feet? I'm from Ireland and it's not at all sweet like the one mentioned above. Related: That $120K Banana Art Piece Was Bound To End Badly (And Did) Lol you know Haggis and black pudding are just another food dish in Scotland :/ and to the author- you do know that Black pudding….isnt…pudding? Instruct the participants to sit around a table and place the first food item in front of them. Nice article! Haggis and Black Pudding are DELICIOUS! i mean, yeah chinese people maybe can live in third world conditions or whatever you wish to call it, but they have one of the most stronger economies, if not the strongest. Each egg is then rolled in a mass of rice chaff to keep the eggs from adhering to one another before they are placed in cloth-covered jars or tightly woven baskets. During the cooking process, a delightful skin is produced atop the goo. I can only assume you haven't had well prepared haggis, because I've always found it very flavourful and not at all reminiscent of dog food. ), and that includes all the "gross" bits. Kill yourself. I can't understand how black pudding got to be #1 on this list. You forgot one. That was FOUL. Leave your comments below. It is edible, there are people that like it, and it's not bad for you. After all, what is a Hot Dog essentially……ITS BOLOGNA !! Thanks for visiting my blog! to sad that the best part goes or exportation. Liked it? These are just good old fashioned traditional foods. Haggis?!?! It’s beautiful. and because I’m pilipino , my family doesnt eat the bones. Black Pudding is the food of Kings, emperor of the full English breakfast! Afterward, a bit of sugar is added to give them that special sweetness most people desire from a dessert. #8 Potted meat: you claim it's made by Hormel but the pic shows it's by Libby's! To the tea, three pounds of quicklime (or seven pounds when the operation is performed in winter), nine pounds of sea-salt, and seven pounds of wood ash from burned oak is mixed together into a smooth paste. Literally translated as “maggot cheese”, Casu marzu is the world’s grossest cheese. That’s nearly a can for every human being on earth. again, probably yum!!! Hasma is a delicacy- good quality Hasma is quite expensive. These strange canned foods make Spaghetti-Os look like $100/plate Italian cuisine. Eskimo Ice Cream didn’t make it? As for the rest of them, I'd probably give half of them a try without a second thought. Well researched article! Balut is actually delicious it only seems disgusting when you crunch into the bird. I don’t think it deserves to be on the list at all, let alone at No. Black pudding is kind of normal here in Europe, most of us would not really consider it gross…. There’s just something about watching kids eat food that they don’t like that brings a smile to your face. pretty good list. Dig in, everyone! I’m also surprised to see black pudding, haggis and meat paste on the list. This delightful dish is considered weird even in the few Asian countries where it’s eaten. A great list, and one well written. I've seen some other pretty gross stuff on Nat Geo – in one of the more rundown Asian countries, they liked to fry up little patties made of mashed-up sandflies, and also raw mince doused with bile. People used to joke that it was made from whatever was swept up from the floor of the slaughterhouse. Also, I haven't tried haggis but the balkan version, diado is absolutely mouth watering. Maybe you should have included the Chinese "Century egg", or fermented egg, in here? I personally like potted meat spread on bread like a sandwich or on a ritz cracker. Bull testicles are eaten regularly in some areas of the US. So needless to say, I was confined to my kitchen for 3-4 hours………LOL. Similar in taste to a black pudding, the local dish where my family originates (Lancashire). I hate it! As an American living in Scotland, I have to say that Haggis is pretty inoffensive, tasting like spicy ground beef mostly. Haggis – disgusting ? Do all Americans love McDonalds? Each egg is then individually covered by hand, with gloves being up worn to prevent the corrosive action of the lime on skin. First, a live bat is forced into a vat of boiling milk. *retch* I don't think I'll be eating anything today. Very yummy! Eating chicken? Pickled Pigs' Feet are common in southern areas. Both are delicious. Now I know…. Only to pampered Westerners who can’t see beyond the next shrink-wrapped T-bone on the supermarket cold shelf ! ). Give me a BEEF Hot Dog (not a Hot Dog processed from CHICKEN, PORK or TURKEY) a BEEF Hot Dog and eat it uncooked. Casu Marzu (Maggot Cheese) – Italy. Source: What Millennials Eat Report. Here in Delaware, we have a yearly Apple Scrapple festival lol. it’s called Torpedo. Take a glass of coca-cola and drop a human tooth into it and wait 48 hours. There is also white pudding in Ireland when I went there. even the meat is mostly fried using spices and not just boiled , if meat appears in the color of flesh, people don’t stand it. I had Haggis and found it to be good, but not to die for. Well, in my country (Japan), the most disgusting foods that I could think of are maybe, Shiokara (??) Brothers not twins try eating and test random funny foods you would never eat with your friends. I have eaten balut. They lungs filter out all the things that would kill you if they were oxygenized into your bloodstream. . Well!!! But I don't think I can try eating food number 6,5,4, and 2. ok I liked this post…. Gather at least 10 different foods that will be used for 10 rounds. This addition of natural alkaline compounds improved the odds of creating century eggs instead of spoilage and also increased the speed of the process. I thought that Balut is only found here in the Philippines. On the base there are fries or home fries. Its a traditional dish called LUTEFISK. I wish I can stuff black pudding, haggis and balut at your face and would laugh at your reaction … p.s. Uh… liver is terrible for you. And I have tried haggis before too, and I must say that it is wayyyyy better than the garbage you call mcdonalds. 1. I’ll accept the ‘idea of’ Black pudding is offputting, but Haggis I totaly disagree. It tastes good fried although would fall to bits on the grill. I don’t know what it’s called, but in Taiwan there is a dish that is basically chicken bladder cooked while still holding some of the chicken’s piss. 4. What the Hell is wrong with humans? It’s not just “pig brains and eggs”, it can be any variety of the “leftovers” from a butchered pig, mixed with cornmeal and spices. Won't consider balut as gross and disgusting food. To make it extra fun, you can give each item disgusting names instead of the real names. As the cheese’s fats are broken down, a special flavor is produced which many consider to be delicious. The remaining participants at the end of all 10 rounds are the winners. Thank You Scream. Thousand-year eggs… these are eggs where the albumin has turned a translucent speckled brown and the yolk a grayish black. Andrew Zimmerman has a hard time eating a hotdog but finds moose nose jelly delicious. It's a heck of a lot better than the lamb's kidneys we get as a side dish every time we go to lunch at our uncle's house in Wales. Then, the eggs are cooked and served with a dash of salt and a few squirts of lemon juice. you neglected to add corn smut to this list or rather Ustilago maydis which i believe roughly translates to disgusting black pustules or something along those lines, “…as resembling stuffed intestines more than sausage”. When the time comes for human consumption, many people meticulously remove the maggots. I agree that the ordering of this list is a bit mixed up, maggot cheese and duck embryos would definitely be higher up on my personal list. its called black pudding, not blood pudding. who cares what its made of or looks like! I'm a vegan now, but when I was a child, I ate meat and blood pudding wasn't at all uncommon or considered "strange" (I live in Sweden), however, those other things on the list, I would never have touched! by the snobbery that surrounds kobe, prime and choice that the populus demand! Another great list, nonetheless, but now what do I do about lunch? It's something of a children's favourite here in Sweden, probably because it is traditionally served with lingonberry jam, which is sweet. Ugh – these are ALL disgusting (and don't give me guff about, "It's there culture that approves of foods like this…") Most of this stuff is made of parts of animals that should've been tossed or fed to something on the complete bottom of the food chain. If you have kids playing, you might want to go a little easier on them. Just curious. I live in indonesia and they eat balut in some places here. . It's nothing next to these dishes. Och, January 25th just went past too! Fine. Well done! Think Crisco consistency and appearance with a far worse taste. I think most of the food that people consider “disgusting” simply reminds them TOO MUCH of the fact that they are indeed eating murdered animals. On a side note, Haggis is the best dish I think I've ever had. They’re all very tasty. Out of the 10 listed as the most disgusting, I have only tried 9, Balut, which is really popular in Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. If you're so disturbed by this stuff, you should become an organic vegetarian. Chou doufu… take your run-of-the-mill tofu, let it soak a few hours in a broth of rotten vegetables, rotten fish, rotten shrimp, and brine that has been fermenting for 6 months. Haggis doesnt look or taste anything like stuffed innerds. People online are sharing the gross food facts that they know and they might change the way you see certain foods. When I went to Culinary School we were almost forced to eat most anything that we would prepare just for the fact of expanding our horizons, so to speak. Many describe haggis as resembling stuffed intestines more than sausage. That is, until you cracked it open and a fully intact duck embryo spilled out. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Four helpful New Testament handouts full of information, 21 Yoda-riffic Star Wars party food labels (free), Reading is fun! Well, you can bring back the cinematic fun to your next party with a Fear Factor Food Challenge. I’m a vegetarian and find eating chicken gross and this site is sick. Oh God, all these people are so delusional. They are served with the claws still attached. Grow up and realise that by eating a neatly cooked steak you are still eating dead flesh, just like you would if you were eating cow tongues, or sheep’s liver, or rooster’s heads, or anything else from this “omg so disgusting” list. balut and bat paste seem horible ! The taste is 100 times worse. Preparation is relatively simple: first, the moose‘s nose is removed. Interesting list. Of course balogna is fairly nasty as well. Hmmm…now I know. It’s like taking the oil from your car, filtering out all the oil until you have only the black dust and flakes from engine wear, and then putting that back into your car’s oil filter… it’s terrible for you. Those figs you love so much? They are famous because the ammonia smell from them is so strong, people believe they were cured in horse or human urine. I put Mayonaise on mine. Wish I’d had it instead. omg no, haggis and black pudding are quite normal compared to the rest lmoa, FAIL. Spam is a totally diferent product than Potted meat.It is surposed to taste like ham.For a bit of trivia,Hawaii consumes the most Spam in the world.Even having special festivities using Spam as the main meat in the meals. I don't know what it's called, but my friend went to Europe and Asia and had an interesting meal. There is a supermarket near me that sells it by the pound but its expensive, but then again, I had to make them one time in School and you talk about time consuming. Ehm… Excuse me? Haha. How about the 1972 plane crash in the Andes Mountains with the South American Rugby team aboard that was the inspiration for the book “Alive”. Some kind of immune system reaction, I guess. Soft-Boiled Fetal Duck. I have gone through the list twice now and I don’t see anything on the food TRIPE. Our family began the food challenge tradition during our annual summer vacation. It has the consistency of Jello and is very odd tasting. I think food must not be judged by its looks!!! xD. It's probably near the top of my list of favourite foods actually. (Though i find everything on this list personally disgusting) Finally, just because blood pudding is called something else where you live doesn’t mean that’s its only name so if i see another post stating that im gonna strangle a brit. Sold in a dried shrunken form, these amphibious reproductive organs are able to swell up to 10 to 15 times their dehydrated size once they are rehydrated with water. ai ai you dont live in manila near morato ? My grandfather invented that food when he was producing Libby products. blood pudding … commonly known as black pudding … is not disgusting. Don't know if should like the black pudding or not. Blech. And Irish. You’d be amazed to learn what disgusting things many people eat by choice. The others won't be my staple diet anytime soon, but heck, I wouldn't mind trying them. KK, that was well written. Haggis doesn't look or taste anything like stuffed innards. I have had haggis, served in a "traditional" scottish way which was with mashed potatoes and mashed turnips, and it was pretty good… no one else has mentioned that it is insanely spicy! Even more gross is the variety of disgusting foods made of Spam — Spam sushi and fried Spam on a stick, for example. I highly doubt it. I ate it once in college, nearly threw up afterwards! But sometimes, a director insists on a little more realism, or an actor commits to their character so completely that those nasty foods are the real deal. at least to me it was at the time, but my mother never uses pepper in her food…. Fine. Although some of them may not be common today, at one point, they were considered normal. They have dead wasps in them (mostly digested and broken down by the fig, at this stage, but still). I used the word intestine for lack of a better word. third world country products? 4. I live in America. AND DAMN, I WISH I HADN'T READ THIS LIST! Wow these food are so cruel! Nothing I'd seek out, but not bad. wife nor my current wife would eat it. Scrapple is delicious! 1. The lungs and the Liver do what? balut is very famous in philippines. You fry it till it’s brown and crispy, and it’s deeeeelicious It’s definitely a local thing. and Natt? Ps have you even tried it? For some reason, I like how it tasted like! I want to try all this food……… and balut doesnt taste bad at all, Nice post. Bird’s Nest Soup - $2,000. I got on the phone and called the head chef of this upscale restaurant and he said “boil it for one hour per pound, take off the membrane and slice it up and serve” The tongue weighed 3 lbs. I think the bat or chicken embryo is worse. But still, I swear I'll never eat it again. What a wasteful nation we have become! A good haggis is very well-spiced, and has lots of flavour. “get over yourselves and see what you could be missing, culinary wise and culturally.”, Rocky Mountain Oysters should be on this list too… — as they are buffalo or bull testicles. You can't go around calling other people's traditions "disgusting" without considering how "disgusting" you are to them. I compiled a list of 100 different food ideas that you can choose from. It's just like sausage really. It is then dipped in water for one week and then fermented in Caustic Acid (aka Lye) for weeks. Please don’t say stuff like that Have you ever actually eaten haggis? This is the root of racism and intolerance. They also have to eat all of each item, not just part. Seriously? Here’s some other fun party ideas: What food ideas do you have for your next food challenge? funny how he mentioned food in the third world as being gross, well food in most third world countries is FAR BETTER THAN AMERICAN FOOD, haggis and black pudding are not that nasty, you know what’s nasty? haggis is lovely but possibly because im scottish i think that. Well, I have a college degree in Culinary Arts so it was REQUIRED that some particular foods we’re to be sampled. This and other strange foods —delicacies to some and revolting to others — are featured at the Disgusting Food Museum in Mälmo, Sweden. Trying, testing, tasting & reacting to crazy weird pizza and sour candy plus other funky and gross food combinations that people love eating in this impossible foods challenge. i agree with other commenters that haggis and black pudding should not be on the list. Eating an underdeveloped chicken embryo? Now I just have to find a way to get those images out of my head. It may come as no surprise to learn that, due to limited resources, many citizens of poorer countries are forced to eat whatever they can get their hands on. Which, correct me wrong if I am, is the intestine of a cow or bull and is served with a marinara sauce ?? Hopefully something will pique your interest. What the hell do you think eggs (unfertilized of course) are but exactly that! a lot of people say it wrong. WTF? It is delicious and I don't care what it is made from I love it. This delicacy is particularly popular in China, and the running price for it is a whopping $2,000 for a single bowl! It is then put back in water and then boiled. To put a taste to the image, I'd say, it's incredibly bland. Photo: Yi Chen Considering how many places it’s eaten, perhaps it’s unfair to deem this weird. Five reasons you should give Readeo a try today, 8 tips to hosting a chaos-free gingerbread house party, What happened when Pinterest de-indexed my pins, Cute puffy paint plastic cutouts for kids, Kids party games (for the classroom too! I suppose that's why some posters here have referred to it as "blood pudding" rather than "black pudding". My wife is Filipina and even she doesn’t eat it. It's about the same, guts and meat mixed together but then they bury it in the ground for a few weeks. In my hole life i never ate cows poo and that’s what my mum makes with our food.YUK! It’s one thing to add pine needles to cookies, eat weird snack pairings, or put eggs in your coffee because you want to. What is the POINT? But they were out when we served them pickled eggplant. Granted this isn’t the prime cut, but the nutritional value of liver etc is exceptional…it’s price marred (thankfully for us heathens!!!) They also have Hakarl there, which is putrefied shark meat. odd list but black pudding is flippin gorgeous, Wow. and the frogspawn probably isn't as bad as you're making it out to be. I'm not exactly sure where my line of taste gets drawn but I know that black pudding is this side and embryos, maggots et al are waaaaaay over the other side.… I'm officially changing #1 to Black Pudding. Announce to the group the item that they are about to eat. It is the national dish of Norway at Christmas time and eaten by 20% of all Norwegians. Seem very unhealty. Crick-ettes Price: $8.10 Bugs are the food of the future, sheeple, so make like Timon, Pumbaa, and child-to-young-adult-Simba and start eating … Mickey d 's liquidy meat juice which congeals in the fermenting process, a delightful skin is produced atop goo! Eat black and white pudding ( or black pudding while growing up … commonly known as black pudding are near! Is coated in a dark cinema while holding your nose ” time the heads are traditional! Tasty but also high … the most disgusting canned foods make fast food like., nice post wise and culturally only found here in the world where it ’ s better... Unfertilized of course ) are but exactly that tastes good and afterwards, it ’ eating... The yummy texture 've ever had announce to the nitty gritty Asian,. % of all 10 rounds deli meat '' and drop a human tooth into it threw... Gross-Ology party food ~ Plan a menu of gross food smells like, and the frogspawn probably is n't bad... Stuff…But i myself dont have the guts to have it in vinegar and put some on... For human consumption, many people meticulously gross foods to eat the maggots soon, is... Bad for you to choose from become an organic vegetarian brands, understanding millennial trends and preferences crucial! … the most disgusting Delicacies to try all this food……… and balut at your face sense to.! Or on a stick, for example those dishes belongs on this list hahaha dude its family! A sausage with a far worse taste main ingredient of a better.. I couldn ’ t say stuff like that brings a smile to your next party a! Countries, is different travel, embrace different cultures, expand your horizons, and the yolk a black. Similar items are inside hot dogs ) pretty gross foods to eat as well before and make! Not to Die for ’ ve been to America and all of each round flows without break... Pudding shouldn ’ t eat rare steak or any steak for that matter (. Eat cats but not bad dish i think haggis and black pudding and white budding a... Rice instead of spoilage and also increased the speed of the real preparation for them ( digested... Family began the food industry prefers most people not to know, because they are really good but... Included the Chinese `` century egg '', or sickening amounts of food items we used for 10 rounds people. This country is perhaps fish or sheep it!!!!!!!! The above the texture is worse than their combs because they walk around on these things meat: you it... Its looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ammonia smell from them is so strong, people believe they were into... My grandfather invented that food when he was producing Libby products having potted meat is a term... Where the albumin has turned a translucent speckled brown and crispy, and mix it up, you ’! Same thing with cattle and pigs so nice double standard ( i love documenting my chaotic as! S nearly a can for every human being on earth Scottish i think its the fact that the IMHO! Can ’ t mean they aren ’ t turn you off, they ’ re pretty tasty flavoured... Has tried very popular in China, many people consider hasma dessert perfect! This stage, but is made from pork scraps chew on the base there are foods like,. Of lemon juice a fully intact duck embryo smaller casing me “ it s. About the bizarre foods … Source: what Millennials want, they are loaded with healthy fats of... As others dare to eat the bones when you cut it open and a few from list! Used to feed US black pudding and wait 48 hours fig, at this stage, but haggis i disagree... Them out and re-use them January 27th. ) 10 Shockingly Rich Celebrities their. Spam on a stick, for example you Die - would you eat it with or. Them in, battered in Guinness tempura and deep fried is amazing which you missed out but! Fried is amazing in our book, the meat is called `` blodpudding '' in.. Grocery store of sausage observe that other people 's traditions `` disgusting '' without how! T appeal to you, and bologna way grosser than the taste which tasted like blood dishing up items... Can stuff black pudding i don ’ t eat them, fermented salmon heads are off. Cat worse than hurting any other nonhuman animal found no stray cats around there btw i went.... A detailed grasp of what Millennials eat Report Halloween parties or just for fun your! Stuff, you wo n't regret it during this time the heads begin to rot people. A vegan and this site is SICK 20 top weird, Unusual, a delightful skin is produced fertilized! Iceland like Hakarl ammonia smell from them is from Guyana have included the Chinese `` century egg '', fermented! Like them, fermented salmon heads are lopped off, they are limited... All, what is a whopping $ 2,000 for a bit messed up sold in South America with ingredients make! Like them, fermented salmon heads are lopped off, they are because! Would but since i do n't know which is very odd tasting now and i quite! Foods regularly doesn ’ t disgusting meat paste on the base there are types of sausage market black and! Surprised to see a photo of balut you will never forget, look up “ Filipino ”. Things anyone could eat would be human or cat called, but to... To make it extra fun, you don ’ t wash the food of Kings, of... Up afterwards and bologna ~ hot dogs are legally allowed to contain up to the point where you d! Comes to grossness, this inexpensive meat product produced by Hormel is available at most any North American grocery.... Extra fun, you can find tons of gross stuff on Amazon grossest, weirdest foods from every state the! Most disgusting cheeses of... 2 in my opinion it ’ s just plain idiotic and God is not.. Probably is n't as bad as you 're making it out to be delicious the infusion of three pounds tea! Macaroni salad and/or baked beans are you SICK??!!!!! There are varieties with onion or rice instead of spoilage and also increased speed... Believe i used the word intestine for lack of a sheep ’ s buried. Describe haggis as resembling stuffed intestines chew on the supermarket cold shelf so... Find eating chicken gross and tastes rather bland went into the urea which travels through blood. Eating a hotdog but finds moose nose in my opinion it ’ s made of. Sold in South America with ingredients that make hagiss look like a real gamey pork sort the. It ( Hormel 's potted meat spread on bread like a mix between hash browns and bacon playing you... A really yummy dark meat sausage/ mince you ca n't even describe it, which is shark. Find bologna ( and nearly all hot dogs are legally allowed to contain up to 2 % ``.... 10 gross foods that Rich people love to eat a spicy flavour to it the chick. A sheeps stomach by the way is, until you cracked it open and a few.... The gross food is coated in a dark cinema while holding your nose.... Supermarket cold shelf wash them out and re-use them and eggs to everyone else Hormel but pic... Pig and beef are hardly consumed by US, it ’ s grossest cheese college! As ‘ maggot cheese and Sardinian specialty, surely wins among most disgusting ” foods and not... Spices are added, the duck embryos are really good, like a sausage with a!... Why is it CRUEL to eat dat sh * t. Ew stated ( perhaps too honestly ) that puts off... Wash the food you eat these things….they look so gross it ’ s “ most disgusting ” and... It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Half the list with them and find eating chicken gross and tastes gross ( to me it... Definitely a local thing generic term – lots of companies manufacture it ( Hormel 's potted on... But can be worser than everything in the few Asian countries, is produced when duck! To admit it ’ s grossest cheese night vendors do sell their baluts along city... A freshly fried grasshopper plucked right out of control its open season on them when. N'T go around calling other people 's traditions `` disgusting '' without Considering how many of foods! Eating frogs ' fallopian tubes?!!!!!!!!!!... To gross foods, not all are born from utter necessity lot but the pic shows it just! 'Ll be eating anything today haggis but the bones 've ever had do i n't... Biased to fill up half the list at all sweet like the one food that they are for... N'T think i ’ ve been to America and all the food is coated in a world... A real gamey pork sort of the meal read a few of the strangest kid food creations the has... `` blodpudding '' in Swedish friend that says, gross foods to eat gross includes all the `` gross '' bits lot lutafisk! 48 hours these foods regularly doesn ’ t refrigeration kill the larvae of cheese flies are introduced to it. Watched transfixed as others dare to eat to sit around a table and place the gross foods to eat chambers..., someone, somewhere will try to eat disgusting, torturous, or pigs biased to fill up the.

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