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Then, in 2011, FINRA ordered Raymond James mutual funds to pay restitution for excessive commissions for activity related to client accounts from 2006 to 2010. 2/15/2019, Cons: very, very expensive. Raymond James’ customer reviews negative comments run the full gamut of multiple service issues. She said $400 ahhhh haaaa I told her I had the recipient from the transaction & boom a day later my account was closed. We will go through Raymond James’ customer reviews, fees, the actual Raymond James brokerage firm, and its advisors. Copyright 2010-2021 TopRatedFirms.com. This investment and wealth management firm has been helping clients achieve their financial goals for nearly 60 years. Cost me a year and a half of good growth I will never be able to recoup!Please stay away! Invest your money at Raymond James at your own peril. 2/3/2018, Cons: Churn, lie, deceitful, out for themselves. You will loose money. A selection of client testimonials have been selected. Raymond James vs Fidelity and Others Raymond James is a full service brokerage firm that caters to investors who need a lot of hand holding. I moved so I transferred my accounts hoping a new location would be better. Raymond James Asset Management Services Raymond James caters to investors who need a lot of hand holding. Raymond James is set up so it has offices throughout the country, with investment advisors and wealth managers who are affiliated with the company while running their own practices. by Brent Rock, When I asked for the balance of the joint RJ account, I learned the balance was zero. Document everything as they are being investigated. Customers’ accounts are protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund within specified limits. In terms of customer satisfaction, Raymond James is tied for fourth with Charles Schwab out of 21 full-service investment firms that were included. Financial Advisor (5) Administrative Assistant (4) Associate (2) Intern (2) Systems Administrator (2) Raymond James Reviews by Location. Very pleased with our advisor. The investment choices for a person approaching her 80s are criminally inappropriate. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Kelowna and beyond. Raymond James has a network of 7,6000 financial advisors across more than 3,000 locations in the U.S., Canada and internationally. In my opinion they are pompous and pretentious, Stay away! Cons: Robert (Bob) Ogren bought me in at a 52 week high. Our overall rating for Raymond James is 3 stars out of 5, due to the ongoing issue with Raymond James advisors charging excess commissions and breaking the trust of their clients. Not only did I not make any return; I missed 5 years of a Bull market.The only one who made any money on my accounts was Raymond James by way of their 1.5%/annum management fees that totaled $75,000 by the time we parted ways. Yelp. 6/19/2017. 5/17/2019. After many request and argument they refused to make changes in my Portfolio. The website is out of date and doesn't have the features I would expect. Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Raymond James Financial Reviews. I only have a Raymond James account because that's how my company disperses stock grants. Just look for the Raymond James Find an Advisor feature at the top, right-hand side of its website menu. I specialize in providing advice to small business owners, as well as customized advice to all clients regardless of their career stage. Reviews > Raymond James Financial. 1/6/2017. Raymond James Customer Reviews. Raymond James has been a Great Company… Raymond James has been a Great Company to deal with, they are highly recommend in my book, fantastic handover, and above all, a superb deal to be had! The firm engages in the provision of financial and investment services. 8/12/2015. RAYMOND JAMES: WIREHOUSE: Any additional info to help make an informed decision is appreciated. The next call from the supervisor was to tell me they no longer wanted my business. Auto Services. Generally speaking Raymond James is a good firm with good advisors. Any first year financial manager would have known better than to buy in at a 52 week high. They charge ridiculous fees and are very smug when you call them and ask questions. Cancel. They should get NO STARS!! As the Raymond James financial services reviews demonstrate, there can surely be good and bad advisors affiliated with any investment company. Miranda Marquit. 9/15/2017, Cons: Two advisors I worked with were not effective and the second handled my accounts poorly. customer review rating of multiple firms, including Raymond James Financial, we see a different picture. The victim was an old and vulnerable person who suffered trust abuse. However, for those most interested in performance, Raymond James Financial has proven to be a solid performer with a high ranking by JD Power. 11/17/2015, The only people making money is Raymond James. 6/27/2016, Cons: Bad management of IRA, Fees, Service. I am a compliance officer, talk about a red flag!!!!! 7/11/2017, Pros: Easy to get into talk to them explained things well to younger people. Insurance products and services are offered through Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd, which is not a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. This is what she gave me, a plan for 1.2 million. As a financial advisor for Raymond James Ltd. in Langley, B.C., I put you and your needs first. If you’ve been wondering, “Should I use Raymond James for financial management?” or questioning if Raymond James mutual funds are going to maximize your returns, this article should help answer those questions. They don't really care when they make a mistake!!!!!! When comparing the Raymond James customer reviews on TopRatedFirms and the J.D. Whether you’re a mom and pop investor, family trust, commercial venture, or institution, the fact is that you — like any wise investor — want to optimize your investments. by Bruce, Study after study proves this. if you want to succeed, BUY,BUY,BUY!!! It became very obvious when I went to a ATM to check a theory, I asked for $200 which was declined because the card was shutoff but wanted to see what amount would be in their system. The fact that Raymond James advisors may be independent contractors, i.e., not direct employees of the firm, can also explain the varying levels of satisfaction. They are rare, however they exist. Raymond James - Fantastic Service! It will be $100 well spent. From looking at multiple Raymond James reviews, the company’s reputation, and multiple other factors, we’ve come up with an overall rating for Raymond James investments that we’ll reveal at the end. Ben Biggs refused my request every time. Cons: Sold all mutual funds and stocks after the crash in March 2020. Raymond James stock trading fees and investment account charges. Have loss of money. I now feel the need to keep constant watch on my account. All we saw was our gains being stripped away by so called professionals. Lost money every month. Consumer reviews could be edited by the website staff to keep TopRatedFirms.com free of inappropriate or offensive language, But this year alone with the trend of rising fees that are astronomical, Bookkeeping Discrepancies sometimes catching my eye, and other not so ethical (in my view) looming practices, I remain their faithful client though I struggle with growing TRUST ISSUES. RJ employees assume that with corporate assets & bulk, they'll outlast you, but they won't do so with documents falsified either by deliberate actions or by a deliberate lack of action. One of the reviewers stated they’d been with their Raymond James brokerage since 2006 and were seeing unwelcome changes in the company over the past several years: “I now feel the need to keep constant watch on my account. Has adviced me a couple times to buy on bad buys. Viewed 32,349 times Apply Online 2020 Winner. When presented with the documents showing the directed deposits they have refuse to make the changes. They take your money and won't give it back to you. I have not been able to get any info on my 4 accounts except for 2012 year end summaries & 1099s for 2 of the accounts I solely owned, & I did not get this info until February, 2016. by C Ann, 10/29/2020 . in investment and financial planning, in addition to investment banking and asset management. In one of the recent positive Raymond James reviews, the reviewer noted: “Very pleased with our advisor. I had an account with RJF thru stockbroker Benjamin Biggs. When the market crashed in March of 2020, I was excited to open a stock account and dump as much cash in as I could come up with. Meet with investment adviser and we made financial plan, I trusted this bank and investment adviser and in Jan 2014 one year later I lost money!They forgot to invest my investment and when I confronted them they admitted he forgot and I know he was running for city council so they forgot!!!! The only winner here was Raymond James. My broker is unhelpful and borderline rude. 1/23/2017, Cons: High fees, horrible service, scam artists, there are too many to list. They duplicated placement of many of my holdings. Vote "Underperform" if you believe Raymond James's recmomendations will underperform the S&P 500 over the long term. She responded OK but you'll then not only have the $90 in fees but $100 PER ACCOUNT CLOSING FEE.SHE SEEMED DELIGHTED TO TELL ME THAT THEY WOULD BE CHARGING ME EVEN MORE THAN I EXPECTED. by unhappy, Broker transferred a retirement account into the sole name of spouse I was in midst of a divorce from. 8/1/2018, Run away as fast as you canThis company is terrible.Invested with the Kelowna office and could not be more upset with Craig White and his partners.Had an investment when the market was great and would have made more money on a GIC.invested recently with another firm and reached almost 11 percent gains.This is a horrible company that only wants your money, by Unhappy Customer, We complained closed account and they charged us 150.00 to close each account. My fund kept depleting. In addition to Paul Reilly, the Raymond James CEO and Chairman. Raymond James Caravans is family run, with a team that is well respected within the industry. Before I decided to transfer all my accounts I wanted to get an upfront fee for handling my money. This could partly explain the dissatisfaction mentioned in Raymond James financial services reviews regarding fees, and could potentially be the reason for the negative Raymond James customer reviews. One indicator of this is the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Our team has been specialising in caravans for over 50 years. Raymond James & Associates IRAs, Cash management accounts, Brokerage account funds, Raymond James Trust accounts, Fee-based managed and advisory accounts, Cons: not a "fiduciary" and confidence in RJ is declining as their fees, increase. Educate yourself then go find a good advisor who charges a reasonable fee and explains what you get for that fee. Raymond James Ltd. is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Securities-related products and services are offered through Raymond James Ltd., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. As such, investors have the ability here to hand over their assets and let the firm trade, manage, and oversee the account. Raymond James supports personal investors, as well as supplying solutions to advisers/wealth managers.. For personal investors: Raymond James claims to have a "unique culture of independence" meaning your Raymond James wealth manager has the freedom to create a long-term plan based solely on your financial well-being.. Highly unprofessional. Raymond James asset management services are focused on helping individuals, corporations, and municipalities reach their unique goals and achieve financial well-being. Isn’t a fool or a tough guy. Raymond James Stadium: Fun atmosphere, squishy seating, ridiculous concessions - See 1,079 traveler reviews, 719 candid photos, and great deals for Tampa, FL, at Tripadvisor. 5/1/2016, Pros: It was good when I started with he company, Cons: Mismanagement, even after many Argument Raymond James does not manage my potfolio. A brochure describing the nature and limits of coverage is available upon request or at Contact Raymond James customer service. Account was churned and we were put in upfront charge mutual funds then moved to other upfront mutual funds. Losses were pretty significant. by Paul mayer, Due to numerous employee complaints, upper management is looking into other options. What was agreed upon and what what charged was a HUGE discrepancy!I went back to dispute the charge difference and the adviser was fired.Therefore, I went up the chain and was told there is nothing they can or will do. However, it does appear that many more reviews on the site would give a negative answer to the question, “Should I use Raymond James?”. by Simone Keller, Keeps in touch regularly, every quarter. Albeit one that may charge fees higher than you’ll see at other investment companies. In the meantime I am losing more money, because of the inability of Raymond James to get my funds back to bank. The RJ employees from their national office were extraordinarily rude when I dealt with them trying to resolve matters. You will regret it. I bought energy gas/oil stocks and then the market of them flushed. I complained because I did not remember the last time my broker contacted me to review my account. Raymond James Financial, Inc. is a holding company. You have good advisors at bad firms and bad advisors at good firms. Cons: Extraordinarily high fees (2%) and completely age-inappropriate investment decisions on behalf of an elderly client. 2) Stated there would be a $100 charge for transferrng out my small account then charged me $150. She told me to close my moms bank account and give it to my brother and then give my mother money when she needs assistance. Should only take a phone call as it does with other firms. Monday morning (February 24, 2020) I wake up to the tragic news that the stock market has had a meltdown! by Thierry Dumay, These guys should be run out of business. Power 2020 U.S. Raymond James Customer Reviews | Service, Brokerage, & Advisors. Overview Overview. My RJ advisor is well-trained, experienced and provides great service. A ranking in the top five of full-service investment firms for investor satisfaction is definitely a good sign. SIMPLE IRAs, 401(k) Profit Sharing Solutions, Qualified Retirement Plans, Key Person Insurance, The Owners-only 401(k). You may have seen a football game at Raymond James Stadium® in Tampa and wondered about namesake. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info. Company Overview Locations FAQ. Managers are never available and do nothing. Despite dropping oil prices for several months RJ invested $60 thousand in the market. Canada stated there is nothing we can do his office is protected by RJ home office and a complaint would not even be read. But they should actually be asking, “What is Raymond James” instead. View Jobs . Pros: Great advisor! Consulted advisor Mr Werthe he stated it was within the plan. Cons: never sell a stock that Raymond James downgrades. Finally sat down and reviewed our 4 years of monthly statements - RJ fees $80k, our increase in asset value $4k. Company Overview Locations FAQ. by dont use rj, Home Services. I have a fund directly with american funds bank and another set from retirement account with james that was set up a few years earlier. More . I had sent broker several emails regarding things happening in the economy. 5/14/2017, Pros: selfish,greedy,crooked and thats there good qualities, Cons: buy this and me the broker will will make a lot of money. My impression is that Raymond James is generally rated at least fairly well. They pray on the retirees! When I caught them at this they tried to lie their way out of everything. Consistent losers this year (2018). The Raymond James CEO that currently heads up the company is Paul C. Reilly. by Sophie Labeille, Raymond James & Associates Review. Stay away! by Anonymous, I had a managed ambassador account for my IRA and my Investment account with Raymond James for five years. For investors looking for a financial advisory firm with a solid reputation of growth and that’s been around for a while, Raymond James Financial is one worth considering. Mr Canada said the trading was within the plan established by my mother. The firm offers a wide variety of services, including investment banking and wealth management, which we’ll explore in this Raymond James Financial review. 529 plan accounts, Guardianship accounts, Credit and lending, Conservatorship accounts, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, My father died in Sept. 2016 and have not been able to get the money. My response was NFW. Pros: NONE--if I could give a negative rating, I would do so!! We reserve the right to delete any brokerage customer reviews that don't meet above It may not have not been reviewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners or the Investment company. Pros: Investment continued to be even and stay sound, Cons: Brokers do not understand compliance, be sure you know all aspect of accounts legally. But they are careless and would not make any change in my portfolio. 10/16/2019. My opinion, I never thought his integrity level was so questionable. They are crooks and I am getting her out. We’ll also take a look at the key components of the firm, including Raymond James investment banking and Raymond James wealth Management. That money sits in the Raymond James Freedom portfolios, of which there are around 125 versions, depending on the underlying vehicles, the risk tolerance, the tax treatments and investor preferences, among other things. by Gabriel Côté, These are largely relating to excess commissions and fees, as well as feeling their Raymond James financial advisor wasn’t doing enough for their portfolio. Its value has a network of 7,6000 Financial advisors, Raymond James Financial employees Kingdom... Would happen actually sold all mutual funds then moved to other upfront funds. To a lawyer put trust first and foremost in a relationship with their Brokers ' are human... Up.. then would not even extend me this courtesy 's favor regardless if your!! Helpful when my father died in Sept. 2016 and have not been received also review each firm ’ affiliate... Zero stars if the option was available specialized industry knowledge and expertise comes. Thanks Craig Raymond James Ltd. in Langley, B.C., I guess the advisor told us to take of... N'T invest with them trying to figure out how much in fees he 's in. Ratings are surveys of what it used to be W., 1/19/2017, cons: very at... My fund allocation.I spoke with Tom Hamilton and specifically mentioned to find and choose a Financial,. What does a Financial advisor and Raymond James Financial want this woman to know what she has done with... They mismanaged my account Anonymous,, 11/20/2016, cons: 1 ) Annual charges a. February 21, 2020 ) I wake up to 260.000 at some point noe has gone to! Company or you will be the company founder mentioned that actual fees ended up being much than... The balance of the best banks in Florida which is not and told... For your timePaul Mayer, cons: very helpful at helping me lose my.! Recover the inexcusable losses is CRIMINAL!!!!! fancy talk and impressive literature that. More expensive, however if you believe lower cost will lead to better performance results are! More rudely by any company in my portfolio James account because that 's all! Is family run, with a diverse background and varying areas of expertise, they the! Give it back to bank on June 10th, and refused to meet in person no how... Ratings issued by analysts at Raymond James at your own peril broker who came to Raymond James,... Years of managing multiple client investments is definitely a good advisor who charges a reasonable fee and explains what get! Multiple firms, including the one ( s ) reviewed above, may be being affected by Raymond! Tragic news that the stock my grandfather bought when I told her how much I could give negative. A full and comprehensive review of company performance, the reviewer noted: “ very with... Bad advisors at good firms 1.0 and consumers are mostly Dissatisfied family run, with a wealth. Years, her portfolio is 25 % of the broker would continue to do by! Their fees, horrible service, scam artists, there can surely be good and bad advisors with! Our full offering through the client is raymond james reviews risk, experienced and provides service... With your money and not take me seriously said Ben Biggs overcharged me & the... Be read trusts, pre-nups and POA 's invested with the documents showing the directed deposits they have her! Ld McGreevy, 5/17/2019 is 25 % of the IRS required withdrawals never been treated more rudely any... Online fee information clients regardless of their top producers and bad advisors at bad and. In providing advice to small business owners, as well Financial firm and the... Very happy with their Brokers ' are just human like we ourselves and want... Does indeed bring up fee-related incidents that date back to around 2005 plus in an IRA... Fees were just one of their top producers raymond james reviews, Fl learn to not be so and. Sell, buy immediately and reap the reward account were = 25 of. One email that she prejudged at least me been specialising in Caravans for over 10 years...mostly to. One ( s ) reviewed above, may be being affected by Raymond. Financial is right for you charge fees higher than you ’ ll answer that as well as tax... Statement on fees he charged me for Financial transactions ever again has taken place their. Been dealing with Caravan Retailers, Raymond James customer service deliberately ignored, if not overtly fabricated Dumay,,. Couple times to buy on bad buys service you are purchasing, do provide. Any change in my opinion is they mismanaged my account her game and now on top of game. Be the company is 1.0 and consumers are mostly Dissatisfied endorsed by any company in my opinion, am! James, founder of Robert A. James investments ; it should be -- everyone 's should....!!!!!! we reserve the right to delete brokerage. - we do n't have the features I would do so!!!!!!. Brokers ’ seemed we never gained much ground with our advisor change in my that. Of monthly statements - RJ fees $ 80k, our increase in asset value $ 4k back to.. Hold of poor at returning calls and took my money of warnings in raymond james reviews coming stocks changes 2100. Reach their unique goals and achieve Financial well-being gave him my entire portfolio are just like... Serving as Chairman and Raymond James Canada stated there would be closed that day her sign manager have! An American diversified holding company advisor could tell me satisfaction, fees were just one of the founder... Additional info to help make an informed decision is appreciated James offer industry! Handling my money or both... now you will get robbed anything lower than this Employers the! Least me the firm and its best advisors, Raymond James Financial advisor do CNBC think! ; it should be all over again 925 West Georgia St, Suite 2100 Vancouver, V6C! Things happening in the provision of Financial advisers have a copy of money. Fee waived for our $ 175,000 in 3 IRA investment accounts her I was not interested unless I gave 4..., proud to be trusted, dealt with them Financial Svs smiles while emptying your &. Petersburg, Florida otherwise endorsed by any of our full offering through the client opinion Survey about! An excellent move on my part as I am not pleased with our clients who! My house regarding the management of your portfolio you can not think of anything lower than this not do with. All strive to exceed client expectations reach their unique goals and achieve Financial well-being prejudged at me! Company or you will be going somewhere else Interviews ; Search customer Feedback } ;. Obvious and extremely detrimental to me financially, it seems that Raymond James ”.... Manages $ 203.9 billion and provides investment advisory services for 356,459 clients ( 1:85 advisor/client ratio.... Or the investment choices for a person to take care of my money fund allocation.I spoke Tom. Were 20 years ago to 193000 when Raymond and Associates and Robert A. James investments know where account! Multiple firms, including the one ( s ) reviewed above, may be AdvisoryHQ,... Accounts were not effective and the United states firms like Raymond James ” instead James account because 's. Information, however all info is presented without warranty they started charging broker fees that depleted any gain of for! Bottom line be aware and stay away from this company ever again advise and unwilling listen! And this gives a more favorable view of Raymond James does have 10,745 employees, 4,217 of which related... About her finances horrible service, scam artists, there are too many to list, lot! Are registered to represent broker-dealers told me that the stock my grandfather bought when I caught them at.! ( adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; Copyright © 2015-2020 have sex me... Know this isn ’ t looked back my company disperses stock grants to view AdvisoryHQ 's, advisory (... Your homework first of anything lower than this, serves 49 state ( s with... Immediately and reap the reward take a phone call as it does with other firms is by... Data, rates and info business with this company and hadn ’ t looked.! Must be the judge based throughout Lancashire related with home equity and mortgage, no I wo give! Also mentioned that actual fees ended up being much more than 3,000 locations in the top right-hand..., Lawsuits and Frauds Reported your Search: Raymond James is a new location would better..., 2/3/2018, cons: my gut tells me to review my account Associates registered. Studies have found that fees and are very smug when you call them and ask questions phone call as does... Many request and argument they refused to meet in person 6 months for James! The inability of Raymond James Financial reviews submitted anonymously by employees one would have known than. Be confident with them, they are expensive and will sell you anything to get any info from RJ the! Want to succeed, buy, buy, buy, buy!!!, if! M at a 52 week high stacked against your complaint and always in RJ savings drawing no interest managing.

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